About me - Alex Sholes Photography

Alex Sholes Photography

Salmon, Idaho - Landscape, nature and adventure photographer.

Hello and welcome to my site! I am a photographer based out of the small town of Salmon, Idaho, one of the most beautiful places around. As you can see from my photos, I have  a love affair with the great outdoors. I have always felt the most alive when I'm outside camping, skiing, kayaking, or hiking. Since getting my first camera in 2011, I have become obsessed with photography and have found great joy in sharing my favorite places through the lens of my camera. I am continually amazed by the way a camera lets you portray a scene, whether it's slowing the shutter speed to blur movement or having the sensitivity to capture the stars in the night sky. I have and always will strive to find new and interesting ways to capture scenes that showcases the beauty of the world we live in. 

Please take a look at my portfolio to see some of my favorite images!!! If you enjoy my work please check back often, or keep tabs on me via my Facebook and Instagram pages (links below).

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