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Salmon Idaho Professional & Commercial Photography

Salmon Idaho Product Photographer

Need photos of your staff, a new headshot for your website or images of your products? Showing your customers who you are and what you do is essential in bringing in new clients and keeping the clients you have. Chances are your competition is using professional images, and if they are not, this is your chance to set yourself apart. You’ve worked hard to build your business, let me help you show off who you are and what you do!

Professional/Commercial Sessions Typically Include:

• A meeting with clients to discuss shoot concepts and ideas

• Providing photo releases for employees/customers to sign

• Lighting to create amazing images

• Post-processing images to maximize the impact on your clients

• All photos delivered via a flash drive

Professional/Business Pricing

Every business is different and so is every shoot so I custom bid each professional/commercial shoot. The price will vary based on complexity, location, and duration. The typical rate is around $200/shoot. Please contact me for a quote.

I have a 100% satisfaction-guarantee so there is nothing to worry about. I want you to love your photos!

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